Referring to the photography class I took during my time at HSI, I have quite a few good memories. I learned about different types of creative devices and photos. This class served as a reminder to look at the world in a different way. I can’t say I learned a bunch from this class but what I did learn was important.

My physical world class was an Astronomy class, going into this class I thought I was going to hate it but I quickly made friends with the teacher and it became one of the best parts of my day. I learned A LOT about Astronomy and I still have many unanswered questions. I find space and things in fascinating, people don’t know much about it so there are endless possibilities. I will remember every lesson from this class.

My favorite memory is climbing up the rock hills at Vedauwoo. This gave me a chance to go outside and explore with friends. I made friends on this trip and it renewed my ability to photograph.

During HSI as a whole I learned that I like working alone and being independent. HSI improved my patience. I struggled a lot with socializing because I prefer to choose who I associate with. In this current moment I am sorry to say that HSI has been a bit of a disappointment. I do believe that my time spent here will pay off in the future but for now I am neutral on the question of whether or not I enjoyed my stay. I don’t believe HSI has prepared me for college because college students are adults and no one can prepare for life. When someone asks me about HSI I will tell them everything both the pros and cons of coming and I will tell them regardless it was a rare opportunity and I was able to make some friends.
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Generation like

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Generation like is a video that addresses how social media companies use their sites in order to gain money. My impression from the video as an entirety is that the video is very bias. They imply that teenagers are young and naive but in reality all generations have issues with their awareness. The video makes it seem as these companies are using teenagers for free labor when in reality teens and everyone else that uses social media has a choice in whether or not they choose to use that social media site and agree to the terms and services. Most people know what is happening when they press a like button or they share memes and photos. In my opinion it’s not free labor its volunteerism. I believe it’s volunteerism because there is a choice that is given. When companies send people merchandise so that the person wears it ultimately advertising for the company it is still the person’s choice whether or not to wear that brand. Companies may pay them in merchandise in order to get them to wear it but the company is still giving something to get something. The payment that the company gives may be unreasonable but it is the individual’s choice whether or not to comply.

From an entrepreneur’s stand point I think this way of advertising is brilliant it costs the company less, it makes the people on social media happy, and it makes you happy. If a person is unhappy with how the system works like the creators of Generation like then they have the freedom to advertise their point of view and they aren’t forced to participate.

The biggest issue with this type of advertisement is that it interferes with a person’s individuality or their identity. This is evident because the social media companies take what people like and sell it to other corporations in order to make money. They do this by analyzing a person’s identity and their friend’s identities in order to improve their product so they can sell more. Some of these companies are also bias. The way the companies make money isn’t the problem it’s the bias that it mixed with it. This bias in past years have been used to change things like the outcome in the presidential election. I believe this is a prime example of social media companies abusing their power because the presidential election has a very large impact on individuals but it also has an enormous impact on the world.

Snowy Range Mountains and the Conservatory

On the first day we went to the conservatory which is essentially a green house that is located at the college. They grow these plants and do tests on them. Taking pictures in this environment was a bit difficult because it was a small space and everything that was photo worthy was a plant.

After taking the conservatory photos we took a field trip to the Snowy Range Mountains. I walked around the lake, followed the trails, and followed streams. Most of my photos from this area contain water. I included water in these photos because I found it fascinating how water can go from calm to aggressive in such a short amount of time. The trip was amazing and the air was fresh. I would highly recommend hiking in this area.


When I wake up in the morning the first thing I usually do is roll over and check the time and my messages from SnapChat, Instagram, and FaceBook. Throughout the day I continue to check because that is how I communicate with my friends. Sometimes I will just sit on the couch and scroll through my social media because it is a way for me to de-stress. I usually just see memes about TV shows but I occasionally run into fallacious news articles and political cartoons.

When it comes to news most of my news is just weather. I sometimes listen to news on the radio but the majority of my understanding of the news comes from teachers at school. I trust these sources because they are people who study current events as a profession. Some of my teachers may be bias because of their political standing but many of them have the ability to play devil’s advocate and see where the other side is coming from.

My family is big into sports news I on the other hand am not. I get my entertainment from Netflix and my other social media sites. I spend a fair amount of time on these entertainment sites. I appreciate Pinterest in particular because I can find new helpful ideas and I can see different perspectives. I do have to discipline my media use during the school year because entertainment can be distracting resulting in a decrease in academic excellence. media_center

Wyoming Tribune Eagle and the Union Pacific Railroad Depot


The Wyoming Tribune Eagle is a printing press that MASS produces newspapers. This printing press possesses a printer that can only be seen at three places in the United States. The printer was shipped over seas using three boats and the cost was approximately one million dollars; Because of the size of the printer the WTE building was built around the printer.

When we went to talk to the reporters they expressed that they had been talking about ways to reach the younger generation and social media. My opinion on this subject is that the younger generation is reached through social media. We may not look at news all the time but if it has a catchy headline then it does catch our eyes. In order to reach the younger generation information needs to be evenly placed into YouTube, Snap Chat, Facebook, Instagram, and etc. perhaps instead of just having commercials on TV there should be short news clips that update people on the most recent and/or urgent news. This would prompt our curiosity and possibly even get more popularity for the printing presses.

The Wyoming Pacific Railroad Depot or the WPRD is a museum that is designated to the history of the Pacific Railroad. The museum consists of how the trains were designed  different train models, workers uniforms, tools, and issues during the process of creation.

Vedauwoo Park and Prexy’s Pasture

I had an amazing day visiting these two parks in Laramie. I took lots of photos and had a blast with my friends. We climbed both of the rock hills at Vedauwoo and took pictures of some amazing scenery. Spending time at these parks made me realize how much I take nature for granted, being able to spend time with friends and having moments of both security and insecurity is something beautiful and natural.


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The majority of the photos that I have taken were taken of plants. These photos come from around UW campus. The multimedia class was taken to the Geological museum and then taken to the central park on campus. Many of the photos that I took were to show beauty in simplicity but a few have a deeper meaning. I can’t say that I learned anything by taking these photos but I can say that I was reminded of the precious little things we miss every moment. life is a treasure that many take for granted.

Wyoming Summer Highschool Institution(HSI)


I haven’t had the chance to make a decision on how I feel about HSI because I haven’t been on Laramie campus for more than a day. So far I have run into both pros and cons that come along with HSI. I was awarded the HSI scholarship because of an essay that I was forced to write by my loving but tyrannical Honors English teacher. I was the one who decided to submit my application to HSI because of the scholarship. I believe that HSI gives me an opportunity to move forward toward my future. Once I complete HSI I will be able to put the scholarship onto my resume which will help me get submitted into colleges and be noticed for opportunities to receive more scholarships. I feel that HSI will ultimately be a good healthy experience for me.

Little Me

Goofing off on Snap Chat

Who am I? My name is Eden Ferrett. There is a lot I could say about myself but perhaps I should start with what has made me me, my past. I was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan where I was raised by my parents Roxilee and Bradley. I have four sisters who all have personalities that are very unique. My mother at the time worked as a neonatal nurse which is if you don’t know a nurse who helps bring babies into the world. My dad on the other hand wasn’t able to work because he was constantly in the hospital with cardiac problems. Because my dad was sick my mother was almost never home because she had to work to support my family so I was raised mostly by my dad.

I moved at the age of nine to a home closer to the church that my dad started to pastor. My dad got a heart virus soon after we moved. After about a year of living in my new home my dad had a major stroke and lost his ability to speak. For three years my dad couldn’t speak to me or the rest of my family. He began to believe that God wanted us in Wyoming so after three years we moved out here.

When we got to Wyoming the house that my mother had started renting got caught up into a divorce and was sold. We ended up staying with my sister’s boyfriend’s Mormon family. We stayed there for two days before my dad had another major stroke and was life flighted to Billings, Montana where he passed away on September 13, 2014.

I had struggled with anxiety for years but the intensity of it only increased after my dad passed. I developed Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and an emotional disorder that affected my ability to socialize with people around me. I had this problem for around five years and since then I have had to work extremely hard to help my family and myself move on.

Now I am a dreamer who plans to get a doctoral degree in both Pre-Med and Psychology. I’m definitely not the smartest person in the world but I absolutely believe that I can do whatever I set my mind to.

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