Vedauwoo Park and Prexy’s Pasture

I had an amazing day visiting these two parks in Laramie. I took lots of photos and had a blast with my friends. We climbed both of the rock hills at Vedauwoo and took pictures of some amazing scenery. Spending time at these parks made me realize how much I take nature for granted, being able to spend time with friends and having moments of both security and insecurity is something beautiful and natural.


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The majority of the photos that I have taken were taken of plants. These photos come from around UW campus. The multimedia class was taken to the Geological museum and then taken to the central park on campus. Many of the photos that I took were to show beauty in simplicity but a few have a deeper meaning. I can’t say that I learned anything by taking these photos but I can say that I was reminded of the precious little things we miss every moment. life is a treasure that many take for granted.

Wyoming Summer Highschool Institution(HSI)


I haven’t had the chance to make a decision on how I feel about HSI because I haven’t been on Laramie campus for more than a day. So far I have run into both pros and cons that come along with HSI. I was awarded the HSI scholarship because of an essay that I was forced to write by my loving but tyrannical Honors English teacher. I was the one who decided to submit my application to HSI because of the scholarship. I believe that HSI gives me an opportunity to move forward toward my future. Once I complete HSI I will be able to put the scholarship onto my resume which will help me get submitted into colleges and be noticed for opportunities to receive more scholarships. I feel that HSI will ultimately be a good healthy experience for me.

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